About Kendeka Prize

The Prize was founded and launched in September 2020 by Andrew Maina Kariuki, a Kenyan author, in memory of his late mother Kendeka Nyambura. It celebrates the strength and the role played by the African mother in nurturing, supporting and watching their children children grow. It is a celebration of their desire to see their children triumph through hard work and determination.  

Kendeka Prize aims at stirring a new army of writers from Africa and the African Diaspora, unhindered by age, social, economic, educational, or ethnic backgrounds. Publication of the long-listed stories is guaranteed by Solano Publications Ltd. in the Anthology, “I Am Listening”. We are delighted to have received coverage in many countries in Africa and especially the Johannesburg Book Review which published the three winning stories. We aim to develop a publishing network throughout Africa as well as outreach programs to bring our published writers closer to their readers.

The Awards of Ksh 100,000 shall be given to the best story while the 2nd and the 3rd placed shall receive Ksh 50,000 and 25,000 respectively.